Tired much?

I think someone (me) was a bit tired around lunch, I was going to just eat some open sandwiches with some tea and while taking everything out I managed to place the butter knife on the cheese and the cheese cutter on the butter.


Mothers day, cute doggo and forest walks

I don’t know if I have that much to write to be honest, not a lot has happens since the market. Except of course that today was the last day of school and “all” we did was have our last exam (I sat for an hour).
I do however have some pictures to show you and lets start off with doggo, simply because he’s cute.

Then this past Sunday was mothers day and after a lot of searching ant thinking, me and my sister decided to buy our mom some roses together (the kind of roses that she can plant outside). Then in the evening we ate sandwich layer cake (aka smörgåstårta) for dinner and topped it off with some strawberries and cream for dessert.


Then yesterday I was out to horsie (I was there Monday as well but not important) and we took a walk without saddle. First and fore most, I got up on my own, without standing on something. It took a couple of tries and a not too impressed horse, but I made it.
We took a walk in the forest because it’s one of my favourite places to be, it’s always so nice and calm.


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A day at a medieval market

Today me and my family went to Leksand for their yearly medieval market. Me and my mum started off with eating lunch since we got there a bit later than anticipated. After that we walked around among the booths and looked at all the pretty things, I ended up buying a ring and some leather that I am going to use for making belt poutches (Pictures of the leather will come in a later post since as of right now I don’t have any and I can’t take any that shows their proper colour).

Then at around two we made our way out to the place where the tournaments were heald in order to watched them and I took a lot of pictures and filmed a little. At this point our doggo (who we brought with us) was really tired and got to rest in my mums jacket.


And lastly we watched a jesters group called Mareld.