First day at work, horsie and dice.

So today was my first day at my summerjob, I basically just got to see the place and follow one of the workers around to see what needs to be done and such. I am however not entirely sure that someone (me) who’s socially awkward, doesn’t really like social situations and have somewhat of a hard time handeling them working at a retirement home is very optimal, but I’ll just have to do my best I guess.
Yesterday I took a ride along one of the riding paths and just had to take a picture because it was really pretty (plus I really like that path).

I got home my new dice about a week ago too so I did ofc have to take a picture of them, of my favourites and of all my dice.
My new Dice

My favourit out of them, they remind me of space

My d10 dice, simply because they’re pretty

All of my dice

Also my dice bag, because it’s pink.

My haircolours arrived today as well so on wednesday my friend is going to help me colour my hair, the result is going to be awesom (hopefully). I’ll post a picture when it’s done if I think it’s good enough, haha.


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