Midsummer and Wonder Woman

So this Friday was midsummers eve and we went to my step uncle to celebrate. We ate a really good barbeque dinner and some newly smoked fish (since my step uncle wanted to show off his new smoking locker, or whatever it’s called). I did like my outfit for the day however, I borrowed a flower crown from my sister. According to tradition you’re supposed to make a flower crown out of different flowers and plants but since I possess neither the time, energy or skill to make one I just borrowed one of my sisters plastic ones (it fitted my style better anyways). Also my shoes are awesom, though last time I wore them was at my graduation 4 years ago so to say I’m a but unused to them are somewhat of an understatement.

Yesterday (Sunday) me, my sister and my mum went to the movie theatre to watch Wonder Woman and it was truly an awesome movie and I would love to see it again.


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