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“Behind he scenes”

Just a little “behind the scenes” from Fridays walk in the forest in the form of photos. Doggo was happy to be off the leash and the paths were really beautiful. I didn’t take any photos from when we were climbing since I was a bit preoccupied with putting my feet on solid ground and avoiding falling.

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Show jumping

During Thursday I took my sisters place at her riding lession since she couldn’t make it, when we came there we were informed that it was show jumping practice. Now, genereally I don’t mind this but since I had no idea it was going to be I didn’t bring a safety vest. However it all went well, I didn’t fall off (I was being extra careful) and I actually did well. It was fun too, I really enjoyed it. Here’s a picture of Crille, the horse I rode:

Oh! And there was a pupper there!

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The crowd fell silent, holding their breaths as they came closer to the jump. It was a big, wide triple bar, painted blue and yellow and decorated with birch leaves. Every equipage before them had failed when they had faced it, all of them in a different way. A tense feeling imbued the arena; would they make it? Or would they fail like all the others before them? Nea counted the strides in their head.
“9..” The crowd still silent, still motionless as if frozen in time. One more and they’d take off, taking on the impossible jump.
“10” Soaring.

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Forest and running water

So, yesterday me and my partner went to a neighhbouring town to take a forest walk (we do have forests here but this was a spcial place in a special forest). I brought my camera and after walking a bit on a really good walking path we came to a precipice, so, naturally, we climbed down (although on the side so that we could actually walk somewhat safetly). At the bottom it kinda looked like a trol forest with a lot of rocks and moss. I took three photos that I actually kinda like.

We then climed back up and went back to the car and by then we had been out for nearly an hour. So we got in and drove to a stream that were supposed to be really pretty. When we were there I decided to try and ta photos of the running water since I haven’t done that in years and I was pretty certain that I could actually do it better this time. I was, ofcourse, right and this time I’m actually really pleased with the result, however I do have to say that photographing running water without a tripod is not an easy feat.

Lastly I turned around and saw the silhouette of my partner and my dog on the bridge and decided to snap a picture.

There was also some ducks in the stream that got there when I was just about to leave. However I have not taken care of those photos yet but when I do I’ll post them.

Slice of life

Long time no see

I haven’t really had any inspiration to write anything in a while, so I’ll just leave you with some pictures that I’ve taken since last time and an explanation where I think it’s needed.

Let’s start wiht this one frome when we helped a friend to move and took a lunch break.
And while there I found a cheap fidget spinner that I bought to try out and I really love it. I also bought a mug for me, my mum and my sister, all in different colours. Mine is blue, my mums purple and my sisters green.

Then there’s two pictures from two different rides. The first from the top of a small mountain that we went up and the second a foal and mamma horse that we rode past.

Now some pictures from my friends hous where I stay while working. First from a nice, relaxing visit outside with a dog, a book and a cup of tea and after that a picture from down by the lake late one evening.

And wile we’re on the subject of pretty nature, here’s one from a walk I took not long ago.

My sister came home from Italy with a gift, she knows me so well.

And from not at all long ago, my friends are idiots and sometimes I wonder why I even hang out with them. (The answer ofc being because they’re kind and sometimes funny and I don’t know how to make new friends)

And last but not least two post cards I recieved from being a part of a post card club. The first one is from Elly and the second from Wolfie and they’re both so pretty. Now I just need some good place to store them and I think I might have somewhat of an idea.


Midsummer and Wonder Woman

So this Friday was midsummers eve and we went to my step uncle to celebrate. We ate a really good barbeque dinner and some newly smoked fish (since my step uncle wanted to show off his new smoking locker, or whatever it’s called). I did like my outfit for the day however, I borrowed a flower crown from my sister. According to tradition you’re supposed to make a flower crown out of different flowers and plants but since I possess neither the time, energy or skill to make one I just borrowed one of my sisters plastic ones (it fitted my style better anyways). Also my shoes are awesom, though last time I wore them was at my graduation 4 years ago so to say I’m a but unused to them are somewhat of an understatement.

Yesterday (Sunday) me, my sister and my mum went to the movie theatre to watch Wonder Woman and it was truly an awesome movie and I would love to see it again.