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God I suck at this

Okay, I’m going to try writing some in this place again. Maybe just as a outle, and things I do if I ever.
I’ll also try to post photos and drawings and things I write, just to fill it out a bit and maybe be inspired to do it more.

I guess I can start with that I am, since a few weeks ago, openly pan and are working on being openly poly as well.
Oh, and my sister dyed my hair yesterday! It turned out really great, I don’t have a super great picture yet but the one I have will have to do for now.

I don’t really have anything more for now though so I’ll just leave it here.

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Northern Lights

So we went to my aunt for some riding and haning out and when we got to her home the northern lights started to play on the sky. Me, my sister Cajsa and her girlfriend Anna went out to the bridge to have a look and I brought my camera. Anna had never seen them before so we stayed for quite a while even though we started getting cold after just a few minutes. It was totally worth it though.

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Forest and lake

Today has been a very calm day and the only notable things I’ve done today was my morning walk and my afternoon walk. The morning walk was in a kind of foresty area, it’s a really nice path that’s surrounded by trees but still really close to the road.

The afternoon walk was a bit longer and took us over an hour. We walked around the lake since it’s a really beautiful place in the middle of town.
And Jambo got to act as a model, although making him look in a good direction and not just right at me was not an easy task, however I’m very pleased with the result.

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Morning walk and playing with water

So this morning I took my dog for a walk before breakfast and took the chance to walk to one of my favourite places before the morning fog went away.

When I brushed my teeth later Hedda wanted in on the action in the sink and started playing with the water.

We also went to Dollarstore (next biggest one in the country) and I bought a brush used when blowdrying hair, a pocket mirror, some organising post-its plus some drink and candy. We also came a cross a really cute bin for my room, it’s white with lots of illustrated owls on and since it’s rectangular instead of round it fits my room perfectly.

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Dressage, lapdog and kittens

So this Thursday I once again took my sisters place at the riding lesson. I rode Indian Sun without saddle and now my muscles are very sore. It went really well though so I’m pleased.

Yesterday I was sat on the floor packing my thing and this just if anyone ever wondered about the term “lapdog”, here’s a perfect example.

Afterward I started packing his thing and he rushed into his cage and laid there in order to not be forgotten (even though we’ve never forgotten him). 

And now we’re at my grandma in Arvidsjaur, and get to say hi to her kittens, Hedda and Manda. 

Slice of life

Shopping, birthday gifts and doggie walks

Today my friend came to town to go shopping new stable/riding clothes with me. I got myself a pair of riding trousers, a jacket and a beanie. The we went to another store and I bought two new jeans since the ones I had are both broken. Then we had a fika (good thing, English don’t have a word for it though) and talked about a ton of things.

When we got back to my home we took the dogs out for a walk, I took her dog, a big mix between German Shepard and Labrador, and she took my Jack Russel. We made the switch since she’s managed to hurt herself and wasn’t allowed to put her body through hard tugs or the like. So instead Chi (her dog) got to walk with me and train on walking next to me and ignoring my dog (since she normally use to lash out at other dogs) so when we got back she was really tired and at that point the dogs got to say hi to each other and it went really great.

And I got a late birthday gift from my friend and she really just gets me ❤

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At the end

‘So this is what it feel like to die.’
The thought was fleeting, like a cloud surfing on the wind. It felt unimportant, like it just didn’t matter. She felt light, as if the world had been lifted from her shoulders. As if she could fly. The world, looking more and more distant, as if seen through a fog that grew thicker and thicker. She could see people but their faces were distorted and their voices muffled. The longer she looked at them, the more distorted they became and the less important, until they were unrecognizable and the voices next to gone. She turned her head upwards, the creatures no longer interested her, and started to rise. ‘So this is how it feels..’